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It’s In the Bag! Teenager Wins Science Fair, Solves Massive Environmental Problem | Discoblog | Discover Magazine.

“Burd’s strategy was simple: Since plastic does eventually degrade, it must be eaten by microorganisms. If those microorganisms, as well as the optimal conditions for their growth, could be identified, we could put them to work eating the plastic much faster than under normal conditions.”

We definitely need more kids like this in the United States, instead of the self-entitled mini-tyrants that roam our sidewalks these days. The question is why did we have to wait for a high schooler to think of trying something as basic and elementary as this? Aren’t there thousands of professional “scientists” out there whose job it is to do this sort of thing on a daily basis? I assume this means scientists are not any better on the whole than corporate America, or our even our “venerated” politicians.


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